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Mon Apr 18, 2016

Oles Morrison partner, Craig Rusk , will present at “Advanced Construction Contracts – Beyond the Insurance Language,” a seminar co-hosted by Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker, Parker Smith and Feek and Garvery Schubert Barer on April 20, 2016 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Construction contracts allocate various risks between the parties and require that that insurance be purchased to cover some of the risks. This seminar will discuss how various clauses transfer the risk between the parties, sometimes in ways that are not obvious, and how these transfers of risk impact the insurance coverage. It will look at how a party can be assigned a risk that is not covered or inadvertently agree to terms that limit the protection that an insurance policy could offer.

  • Contract clauses that will be covered will include:
  • Hold Harmless and Indemnity
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Consequential Damage Waivers
  • Jurisdictional and Mediation/Arbitration Clauses
  • Waivers of Subrogation
  • Additional Insureds: Why does everyone need to be an AI?
  • Notice of Cancellation

Craig will join two other presenters in exploring various forms of some of these common contract clauses, including case studies of how differences in the way the clauses are written and insurance policies are styled have an impact on risks and protection from those risks.

Craig’s practice focuses on the representation of clients involved in complex commercial enterprises, primarily construction and government procurement. He represents clients in all phases of their projects, from contract negotiation to dispute resolution, and has experience in transactions with public agencies as well as numerous federal agencies and private groups. Craig is Oles Morrison’s co-managing partner.

The seminar will take place at the JL Tower Conference Center, 2 nd floor, in Anchorage, Alaska. For more information, please contact Maria Zazycki .

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